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Holding all Living Space as Sacred

Wesley McNeil Woodworking

I created Wesley McNeil Woodworking to be an artistic studio, to explore both form and function of anything made in wood. My journey as a woodworker has brought me a myriad of interesting experiences. As a result, I am able to offer a broad range of wood products and services. Wesley McNeil Woodworking has become the part of my company where I focus on custom furniture and artistic expressions using wood. My reverence for nature enriches my woodworking and I often emphasize subtle organic forms, embellish designs with ancient symbols and motifs, or recreate historical forms to revive a sense of both the magical and the sacred. Many of the woodworking designs, found in the Woodworking Portfolio, can be ordered to the client's specifications and then shipped.

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Customer Inclusion & Guidance
New Construction & Remodeling
Outdoor Structures
Doors, Screen Doors & Gates
Handmade Gifts
Hand Carving & Pyrography
Marquetry & Inlays
Integrated Metal, Stone, Tile, Plaster, Stucco, Glasswork & Twigwork
Vehicle/RV & Boat Interiors
Specialty Finishes
Antique & Furniture Repair
Reclaimed Materials
Alternative Building Technologies

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Sacred Spaces

I established Sacred Spaces in order to create living spaces and structures that meld the practical and aesthetic; in a manner that reflects my client's specifications, desires and values. Sacred Spaces is the licensed building contractor side of Wesley McNeil Woodworking and is located in Bend, Oregon. Sacred Spaces designs are inspired by the same influences and display the same artistry, as does the woodworking side of the company.

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