Wesley McNeil - Woodworking

Holding all Living Space as Sacred

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. ~ Thomas Carlyle

About Wesley McNeil

I established my business, Wesley McNeil Woodworking,  in 1999, but have been a builder and creator for as long as I can remember. As a child growing up in Europe, I was exposed to many traditional forms of architecture and woodworking and these experiences initially inspired me as a craftsman and artist. As I grew older, I became enticed by ancient and spiritual motifs from varying cultures.

In 1979, I focused on pursuing a career in outdoor education. Throughout this career,  I supplemented my income working in a variety of construction related fields.  One significant design and building company I worked for, Sculptural Homes, excelled in using alternative building materials such as straw bale and energrid, while incorporating passive solar into the designs.

My 30 years of experience working in the outdoor education field, and with the Outward Bound Schools,  also has a major influence in my style of woodworking. Outward Bound promotes self-discovery and self-esteem through shared adventure and I witnessed amazing personal and group transformations with my students. Often, such transformations were resultant from a shared experience of the natural world, or by the simple power and magic of a space or place. Being witness to these transformations truly inspired my approach to working with clients. When I design a client’s living space I try to capture a similar sense of sacredness so that it may be shared with family and friends.

Wesley McNeil Woodworking and Sacred Spaces are one and the same, a full-service woodworking and construction company. I am the sole-proprietor of the company. I create the majority of the designs and perform most of the work myself, bringing in skilled help, as needed for larger projects.

Whenever and wherever possible, I strive to observe the most recent and accepted environmental building practices. I seek to use sustainably harvested woods and environmentally friendly materials. The choices of finishes I use,  either include 100% natural ingredients, are waterborne or are low VOC.