Wesley McNeil - Woodworking

Holding all Living Space as Sacred
Reclaimed Fir & Mahogany Trim

Vertical Grained Fir Reclaimed from Old Barn Wood. Some Aged Patina Preserved and Refinished to be Smooth and Refined. Also Figured Mahogany Trim Clear Finished.

Window Trim w/ Tramete-Like Shelves

Vertical Grain Fir. Clear Lacquer Finish.

Modern Trim - Fracturing

Trim. Natural wane. The crown implies the separating and moving of pack ice. Wood - Yew. Finish - Clear lacquer. Wes McNeil design.

Celtic Dragon Door Trim

Hand-carved Celtic dragons. Celtic dagger and dragon claws, one holding glass marble of the Earth. Cedar w/ oil Stain. Wes McNeil Design based upon traditional motifs.

Keystone Window Trim

Clear Cedar. Penetrating Oil Finish. Wes McNeil Design.

Tibetan Influenced Window Trim

Hand Carved Details. MDF - Paint Grade. Faux Plaster Background. Wes McNeil Design.

Carved Window & Door Trims

Various Motifs. Cedar. Penetrating Oil Finish. Wes McNeil Designs.