Wesley McNeil - Woodworking

Holding all Living Space as Sacred

For Summer Sleeping. Open Screened Windows. Curved Wall and Shape to Fit Within Tree. Semi-Circular Skylight Roof Lines up w/ Summer Milky Way. Pine & Cedar Interior, Stained Glass. Copper Roof and Brass Window Details.

Pergola & Planter Boxes

Douglas Fir Post & Beams. Shallow Planter Boxes. Hexagonal Upgrade to Mahogany Deck. Rollback Shade Cloth Cover. Client & Sacred Spaces Design.

Oriental-Style Bridge

Mixture of Scrap & New Pine. Will be Left to Naturally Grey. Wes McNeil Design. I like that the reflection draws your eye more than the piece itself.

Rustic Garden Shed

Sun-Bleached, Natural Wane Pine. Whimsical Fabricated Handles. Client Design.