Wesley McNeil - Woodworking

Holding all Living Space as Sacred

Everyone, rich or poor, deserves the same thing, not just a warm dry room, but also a shelter for the soul.

~Samuel Mockbee


Sacred Space Services:
  • Customer Inclusion & Guidance
  • Design
  • New Construction & Remodelling
  • Tiny Homes, Retreats, Treehouses
  • Timberframe
  • Decks, Arbors, Outdoor Structures
  • Built-In Cabinetry
  • Window Seats & Nooks
  • Doors, Screen Doors & Gates
  • Custom Window Trim


Sacred Spaces is the licensed building contractor side of  Wesley McNeil Woodworking.  Sacred Spaces can incorporate  many design concepts and styles into a living space.  The style may be of the client’s own tastes, or something inspired by the concepts of Feng-Shui, Wabi Sabi, or from Wes’ own sense of organic and ornate form. No matter the style, the final vision is always to create a space and atmosphere that ecourages deeper reverence for the natural world, the self , and the interconnectedness of people…  Spaces for Quiet Reflection or Social Gathering.

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